Mayors of Cambridge
Mayors of the Borough from 1935 to City status

1935/6H T WingConservative
1936/7W L BriggsLabour
1937/8E S PeckConservative
1938/9A A SpaldingConservative
1939/40W J WingIndependent
1940/1E O BrownConservative
1941/2Sir M ButlerUniversity
1942/3Sir M ButlerUniversity
1943/4W L BriggsLabour
1944/5G WildingConservative
1945/6Lady BraggIndependent
1946/7F DoggettConservative
1947/9G F HicksonUniversity
1949/50W G JamesConservative

Mayors of the City to local government re-organisation in 1974

1950/1A C TaylorConservative
1951/2H O LangdonConservative
1952/3S T BullConservative
1953/4T H AmeyLabour
1954/5H R MallettConservative
1955/6E T HalnanUniversity
1956/7C E RidgeonConservative
1957/8B J S WhiteConservative
1958/9L D V WordinghamLabour
1959/60W ColeConservative
1960/1C A MoleConservative
1961/2A HalcrowConservative
1962/3G F HicksonUniversity
1963/4J B CollinsConservative
1964/5P J WarrenLabour
1965/6H G IvesLiberal
1966/7M N BradfordConservative
1967/8E A GillLabour
1968/9H C FinbowConservative
1969/70G DeanConservative
1970/1B CooperUniversity
1971/2Jean BarkerConservative
1972/3P C WrightLabour
1973/4S C BowlesConservative

Mayors of the City since local government re-organisation in 1974

1974/5P J WarrenLabour
1975/6R MayLabour
1976/7R E WrightConservative
1977/8M J GarnerConservative
1978/9A MoltLabour
1979/80D R H MackayConservative
1980/1Doris HoweLabour
1981/2P O ReedConservative
1982/3P J CowellLabour
1983/4Betty SucklingConservative
1984/5E G CowellLabour
1985/6A J JohnsonConservative
1986/7J R WoodhouseLabour
1987/8T G W Sweeney/P J CowellLabour
1988/9Lavena HawesLiberal Democrat
1989/90J R WoodhouseLabour
1990/1Dr G A ReidConservative
1991/2P J CowellLabour
1992/3B S GardinerLabour
1993/4A MacEachernLabour
1994/5Joye RosenstielLiberal Democrat
1995/6Dr Sonja FroggettConservative
1996/7J DurrantLabour
1997/8Daphne RoperLabour
1998/9Peter CowellLabour
1999/2000Richard SmithLabour
2000/1Evelyn KnowlesLiberal Democrat
2001/2Christopher LakinLiberal Democrat
2002/3Philippa SlatterLiberal Democrat
2003/4David WhiteLiberal Democrat
2004/5Robert DrydenLabour
2005/6John HipkinLiberal Democrat
2006/7Robert DrydenLabour
2007/8Jenny BaileyLiberal Democrat
2008/9Michael DixonLiberal Democrat
2009/10Russell McPhersonLabour
2010/1Sheila StuartLiberal Democrat
2011/2Ian Nimmo SmithLiberal Democrat
2012/3Sheila StuartLiberal Democrat
2013/4Paul SaundersLiberal Democrat
2014/5Gerri BirdLabour
2015/6Robert DrydenLabour
2016/7Jeremy BensteadLabour
2017/8George PippasLiberal Democrat
2018/9Nigel Gawthrope/Gerri BirdLabour
2019/20Gerri BirdLabour
2020/1Russell McPhersonLabour
2021/2Russell McPhersonLabour

The first two columns of the above table repeat what appears (or will in due course appear) at the top of the stairs outside the Guildhall Council chamber. This includes the now somewhat quaint way of distinguishing the genders before 1998 - names for (untitled) women, initials for men.

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