Borough of Cambridge - List of Councillors from 1935 Council year book

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Ward Party Stood in 1935 in Won/lost
Mary Webber WCA Newnham Won
William Wing Ind Castle Won
Janie Salter Lib Newnham Lost
Sidney Riddiough      
Arthur Ransom Con Newnham Lost
Harry Case Con Market Lost
Alexander Spalding Con Market Won
Harry Slater      
Alfred Townsend      
St Andrews
Constance Wotten Con St Matthews Lost
Jesse Harwood Con St Matthews Won
Marcus D. Bradford Con St Matthews Lost
Ernest Peck Ind Trumpington Won
William Bowen Con Market Won
Charles Budd      
New Town
Frederick Blott Con Trumpington Lost
Molly Blair      
Edwin Jackson Ind Trumpington Lost *
Clara Rackham Lab Romsey Won
William Few Lab Romsey Won
Dermot Freyer Lab Newnham Lost *
Archibald Taylor Con Petersfield Won
Justin Kenney Con Petersfield Won
Herbert Robinson Con Petersfield Lost (as Ind)
St Matthews
Alex Wood Lab St Matthews Won
Albert Stubbs Lab St Matthews Won
Esther Foister Lab St Matthews Lost
Frederick Papworth      
Reuben Elsden Con Abbey Won
William Stanton Con Abbey Won
North Chesterton
Sidney Taylor Con West Chesterton Won
Robert Hensher Ind West Chesterton Won
Dorothy Stevenson WCA East Chesterton Won
South Chesterton
Eva Hartree WCA Trumpington Won
Edward Church Ind Petersfield Won
Walter Driver      
East Chesterton
George Edwards Ind East Chesterton Won
Joseph Holt Lab East Chesterton Lost *
Marjorie McNair Lib East Chesterton Lost
West Chesterton
William Swift Nat Lib Castle Won
William Kilsby      
Francis Doggett Con Castle Won
Cambridge Without
Arthur Dilley Ind Trumpington Won
Francis Priest Con Newnham Won
Harry Ambrose Con Coleridge Won
Sir Hubert Sams Colls J.A. Venn Colls
Leslie Newman Colls John Burnaby Colls
Travers Wyatt Senate Sir Henry Howard Senate
Edward Amies Con James Dalton  
Barnet Beales   Harry Franklin  
William Briggs Lab Albert King  
Edward Brown Con Florence Keynes  
Charles Clay   Charles Pollock Uni
John Conder Lib William Raynes Con
George Lavender   Ralph Starr  
Percy Squires Con George Stephen  
Herbert Wing Con  

Notes: * Lost in November but elected in December byelection in another ward

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